Vodafone Finds a Great Use for QR Codes

QR Codes have been something of a marketing mystery. Ideally, they should be used to lower the barrier to entry, giving shoppers the chance to react to your call to action right on the spot. That means mobile websites, simple sign-up forms, and more—making the process as easy as possible.

Vodafone has been using QR codes to make another part of life easier for commuters in Bucharest. In partnership with Humanitas, a book publisher, the telecom has created a digital library on the walls of the Victoriei metro station. Commuters can walk by, scan the wall, and borrow some quality reading for the ride.

49 books and 10 audiobooks are available, all until the end of this month. If they want to dig deeper into their reading material, they’ll be directed to the Humanitas website to make a purchase. The books aren’t just for Vodafone customers—any mobile user can pick out something to read. It’s all part of Vodafone’s attempt to reach out to communities and make life a little easier.

Mystery solved, at least for Vodafone’s marketers. QR codes can create novelty and utility for every passerby. What are you using them for?

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