Vaughan Mills Checks for At-Risk Pets

711dogIt’s a tragic story you never want to happen at your mall: someone unthinkingly leaves a pet in their vehicle during the summer heat and no one realizes until it’s too late. Tragic, and depressingly common.

It happened last year at Vaughan Mills—a young pup was spotted in a parked car. Security was notified, but no one was able to assist the animal in time. The couple that owned the car were charged by police, and it became another sad example of a perpetual summer problem.

According to NewsTalk 1010, Vaughan Mills is doing all it can to prevent a tragedy like that from happening on its property again:

“About three weeks ago Ivanhoe Cambridge, the company which owns the mall and Paragon security began stepping up efforts to keep visiting pets safe. Security guards have been posted at entrances to the parking lots asking motorists if there are any pets inside their vehicles. If the answer is yes, the guard asks what sort of arrangements the driver is planning to make for their furry friend.

‘They may say “oh we’re going to drop the pet off with one of the kids” or “my husband is going to stay with the dog in the car,” but either way we are going to keep an eye on that vehicle. We notify our patrol people and tell them what part of the mall that vehicle is heading to and they will keep an eye on that vehicle and check on it.’ said Mike Fenton with Paragon Security.”

According to the article, the security team is prepared to handle the situation however is necessary, from paging the owners to contacting police. And, of course, the team will also look out for any children or seniors left alone in parked vehicles.

A sensible precaution during the hot summer months.

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