The Mall Blackburn Hosts Endurance Beach Party

There seems to be no end of things we’ll make shoppers live on or in in order to win big prizes—especially when radio stations get involved. The Mall Blackburn, for example, recently hosted a contest with Rock FM that saw contestants sitting on a suitcase for 48 whole hours.

Like the worst airport layover, shoppers sat on their luggage, unable to sleep or use their phones. The only things they had to entertain them and keep them sane were one book, a magazine, and a bottle of water (yes, they were permitted scheduled “comfort” breaks).

To enter to subject themselves to the contest, Rock FM listeners answered the question ‘what would be the first thing you would take on holiday?’ That led them to a man-made beach in the center, where they sat and pondered the prizes awaiting them at the end. Survivor-style contests granted them luxuries like an hour with a laptop or a phone call home.

Only one contestant was eliminated during the 48 hours, but the center had a plan. Throughout the 48 hours host Luke Marsden added 20 items to a separate suitcase. The winner, Louise Wright, was able to recall all 20 items (impressive after two days of sleep deprivation) and won her family a £2000 getaway to Disneyland Paris.

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