Taubman Turns Window Shopping Into Wall Shopping

Got a free wall or two in your center that aren’t going to any good use? You might want to keep an eye on the partnership between Taubman Centers and 20th Century Fox. It’s exclusive for the next year, but the two have come up with a great way to use otherwise unused space.

The Fox Movie Mall virtual storefronts bring window shopping back to the online world and the online world into the mall. Shoppers who pass by one of the virtual storefronts will be able to pull out their smartphones and snap a code next to elegantly displayed film covers. That will take them online, where they can instantly order the film for delivery to their door.

It ties in with the Fox Movie Mall app, available for iOS and Android. If shoppers use the app to order their films they’ll be able to save money, and they’ll also be presented with marketing for other films.

We seem to be in a year of experimentation for online/in-mall experimentation. With Amazon committing to more and more brick and mortar space and online retailers looking to the mall to offer fittings and more, this is just another step in the right direction. But it’s one that lets an online retailer cozy up next to traditional retailers without competing for space, a win for everyone.

For Fox, this is a convenient way to bring in the impulse purchases that online shopping doesn’t really encourage. For Taubman, the allure is similar. “We are always looking for partnerships with premium brands that enhance the shopping experience for our customers,” said Glenda Cole, vice president of sponsorship and center marketing for Taubman. “We welcome the addition of Fox’s multifaceted programming that entertains and rewards our shoppers and gives them a new, convenient way to shop for home entertainment products.”

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