Sunridge Mall Gives Shoppers a Reason to Panic

1024panicOver the years, shopping centers have teamed up with radio stations to put their shoppers through all sorts of voluntary light torture—hanging out in bed with strangers without moving, for instance, or living in glass rooms under the scrutiny of all.

Sunridge Mall is working with 90.3 AMP Radio to take that last one a step further. On Monday, October 28, 5 contestants will move into a large glass box: the $10,000 Panic Room. The person to remain in the box the longest will win big, with a $10,000 cash prize on the line as well as a $4000 vacation and a $2500 shopping spree at the center.

Now, outlasting a handful of strangers in a glass box might not sound all that strenuous, and the organizers are undoubtedly making considerations for necessary breaks. But rest assured that AMP Radio and Sunridge Mall will make this anything but easy. They’re reaching out to the public for ideas on how to give the Panic Room a particularly spooky seasonal spin, asking just what tortures they should put participants through to scare the wits out of them—and frighten them right out of the box.

Those with suggestions earn a shot at a $1000 prize, and possibly the pleasure of watching five terrified contestants subjected to whatever fright they can conceive.

Being subject to the whims of the crowd? A positively frightening idea.

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