St. Vital’s Fall Fashion Fight

919vitalWant to know what shoppers really love out of the season’s top fashions? St. Vital Centre has a simple solution—it’s asking them.

Every week, the center puts two seasonal styles up for a vote. Are shoppers more into a layered monochrome for fall, or a bright blazer? The center puts them head-to-head on its Facebook page as part of the Love Vote Win contest. It’s a simple little thing—shoppers just need to click their look of choice and fill out a bit of contact information to enter—but it gives the center valuable insights about the sorts of looks to highlight.

Each contest comes with a shot at winning the $250 gift card that’s at stake, and the winning outfit is highlighted for shoppers’ appreciation. The center’s also keeping a close eye on the Facebook comments, and is quick to jump in with info about which retailers sell the pieces in the outfits when shoppers get curious.

Not only is the contest all over the center’s Facebook page—it’s also featured in-center. Shoppers can stop by the display to “try on” mirrored images of the outfit, and are then directed by QR code to pick their preference.

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