Sprize turns shopping on its head

1112sprize.gifGap is turning retail on its head, and it started with its Vancouver location.

The clothing retailer is launching “Sprize,” a program that promises to “turn shopping on its head.” The program is being tested in the Vancouver market in preparation for a wider launch.  Shoppers can sign up for Sprize for free in stores. Once they’ve opted in, Gap will track their purchases. 45 days after the purchase, shoppers are credited any difference between the item’s current price and the original purchase price. They receive the balance in their Sprize account, and can track their balance on the program’s website. Easy, worry-free shopping.

To promote the launch, Gap turned its most prominent Vancouver location upside down. Mannequins and displays hung from the roof, the store’s sign turned over, reversed bags were printed, and even the cars parked out front were flipped.

Photo credit: VancouverIsAwesome.com. And check out  their post for more great photos of the event.

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