SouthPark Mall Celebrates Teens’ Drive

For a long time now, we’ve tried to encourage teenagers to drive safely by instilling them with fear. Simulated car crashes, gory videos, graphic ads—all tools to teach new drivers the risks of misbehaving.

State Farm spent this weekend trying something different: building a support network for young drivers, teaching them with compassion and encouragement rather than fear. The effort is called Celebrate My Drive, and it rallies around teens who are getting their licenses.

SouthPark Mall hosted a Celebrate My Drive event over the weekend. It was a party, not a lecture—raffles, prizes, fun and games. In amongst the fun were the simulations, including the classic “drunk goggles” that let folks see just how hard it is to process the world while intoxicated.

Kids had an extra reason to participate: the chance to win a brand new Chevy Sonic. To enter, they could visit the program’s Facebook page and vote for a local school to be awarded a $100,000 grant.

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