Simon makes a deal

0312cookie.gifSimon Malls has teamed up with Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta for a very sweet deal.

Seven of its Georgia malls will be hosting Girl Scout Cookie booths beginning later this month. The Girl Scouts have been branching out from door-to-door sales in recent years, and mall booths seem like a very sensible step.

In fact, a number of malls are hosting the Girl Scouts this spring. It’s a great move for the malls, because people are always hungry for their time-limited cookies. But is it such a smart choice for the scouts? There was a recent controversy in the Scouts when one troupe solicited sales online. Are the girls learning as much at a mall or grocery store booth as they do when they go door to door? It’s certainly safer, but does it build the same social skills?

Is your mall hosting the Girl Scouts this year? What do you think?

  • maureen

    I think it’s great as long as it doesn’t compete with a paying tenant’s business.
    Girl Scout gift wrap booths are another fabulous idea which our mall does every holiday season. We buy the paper & supplies & they provide the labor & collect tips as a fundraiser towards their troop projects.

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