How to help your shoppers

0219good.gifIt’s hard to get out to the mall when you’re not sure if your next paycheck will arrive, but Pacific Fair Shopping Centre in Queensland, AU knows how to make shoppers feel good again.The shopping center’s Feel Good February promotion concentrates on giving shoppers a guilt-free reason to hit the mall.

The focus of the promotion is a contest that offers shoppers the chance to win back the value of their purchases, but more interesting are the free workshops the shopping centre is offering. They’re focused on sensible ideas for budget-concious shopping, with hair and beauty tips, fitness workshops, and home decorating ideas.

This Saturday, the shopping center is offering a workshop hosted by Emily Chantiri, author of Savvy Girls Money Guide. Long before the global economy started showing signs of strain, female-centric savings guides were in fashion, and now seems like a fantastic time to encourage one of your top demographics to take control of their finances.  After all, when the dust settles you’ll want your shoppers to be in the best financial shape they can manage.

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