To Shoppers Hearts, Through Their Noses

Many fashionable shoppers have their own signature scents — something that strengthens the bonds of memory while evoking certain emotions. They might have visited stores in your mall to help them find their scent. They know the power of appealing to all the senses. So does your mall appeal to all the senses too?

Vaughan Mills
does, now. The Canadian shopping center just launched its signature scent, Fig Bling. The gentle, ambient scent of green floral and green fig will fill its halls and help create a cohesive, multi-sensory brand experience.

Research supports the idea that scents can change an experience, and a number of international retailers are already taking advantage. It’s a marketing idea that you can’t venture in to casually, though. Many people are sensitive to strong perfumes and scents, and the effects of certain scents rely on cultural background as much as any other marketing method. But if you do your research, a signature scent can pay off. Vaughan Mills may be the first shopping center in Canada to develop its own signature scent, but they won’t likely be the last.

If you’re interested in looking into this for your mall, Vaughan Mills used ScentWave technology, developed by ScentAir.

  • Tracy Pepe

    I am pleased that Vaughan Mills and our friends at Scentair have created a better shipping experience for customers.

    However as much as I am thrilled, (I live in the area), scenting spaces in Canada has been a respectful practice for the last twenty years. Many clients from all over Canada to large corporations, grocery stores, retail firms, small stores, even the Direct Energy Building have been scented. In fact a retail chain in Montreal has a custom fragrance that is apart of their brand.

    It may surprise you – Canada is the authority on this industry and has the leading expert in this industry.

  • Nissa

    Hi Tracy, thanks for your comment. You make a good point. I didn’t mean to suggest that Vaughan Mills was the first in Canada to invest in scent marketing, of course. I do hope that our readers in other markets might be interested in the idea, though.

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