Reston Town Center Celebrates Nowruz

313nowruzNowruz, or Persian New Year, is coming up later this month—coinciding, as always, with the vernal equinox. Reston Town Centre is not only joining the celebration, it’s throwing an all-day Nowruz festival.

The center aims to bring in not only its local Iranian-American community, but everyone who might be interested in Persian culture, food, or celebrations of the spring. It’s bringing together more than 75 vendors to offer traditional foods, jewelry, crafts, books and other traditional products. While visitors enjoy the bounty, they’ll also be introduced to the work of hundreds of artists, musicians, singers, dancers and traditional players.

Shohreh Asemi, well-known Persian-American stage actress, journalist, TV producer and the host and founder of the Nowruz Festival Organization, will lead the third year of the event. On the center’s stage and along its Market street, the festival will be a vibrant theater, gallery, classroom and bazaar to learn, discover and enjoy Persian art, music, dance, food and spring arrival traditions and celebrations.

“The festival was the most successful event of all times in Reston Town Center,” she said. “The third Nowruz Festival marks another year of continued motivation, celebration and success. All the artists, musicians, performers, business owners and food, goods, and product providers whom are participating share in our vision of honoring and celebrating Persian traditions and culture. Everyone leaves this festival inspired to admire and give the deserved respect to Iran’s long and rich history and culture.”

Asemi added, “I am very excited about the third Nowruz Festival. This huge on-street event takes the normal Persian celebrations to the next level. This year we plan to go above and beyond to encourage all citizens to join and enjoy the tradition, while learning more about real Iran and its real people and culture.”

  • Ed

    Hello all,
    Happy spring to all and happy St Patrick’s day to whomever feels like a proud Irish and please allow me to wish my county man and woman a Happy Nowruz (New Day); and wish them a new year of Free Iran and Iranian people from this devilish government of mollas that has harm every human-loving Iranians that there is.
    We, The Iranian people have nothing to offer to the world but love and piece and respect. But this government that has stolen the leadership of Iranians’ revolution of 1979 offered nothing to the Iranians and the world but war and terrorism and therefore ruined Iranians’ personality and respect in Iran and through out the world.
    As history has proven, Iranians not only had no animosity toward Jews or any other faith or group of people but dealt with them with respect and equality. Today’s Iranian government after 33 years of forcefully controlling Iran is in no ways representing Iran and Iranian people and their culture and they do all they can do to vanish Iranian culture as a whole and particularly the New Year celebrations, including Nowruz.

    Wish you all a Prosperous New Year and a memorable Nowruz celebration event at Reston Town Center.

    Heartfelt wishes for a Happy St. Patrick’s day, Spring, and Nowruz to all.

    With all due Love and respect toward every body.

    Piece on Earth

    Thank you for the provided opportunity to communicate.

    Best regards,

    Ed Veissi

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