Do You Want the Record?

0924mona.gifSpectacle draws shoppers, and bigger is always better. That’s the lesson we can take from many past record attempts. The Mall of America’s world’s biggest cupcake, AMP Capital’s Jump for Wishes, a rich history of Lego towers; these things all brought in great crowds and media attention.

Earlier this month, a football freestyler by the name of Dan Magness thrilled crowds at the Potteries by breaking a record for flicking a ball into the air with his shoulders a ridiculous 320 times. You can see his previous record wins below.

Now another UK shopping center is trying for a record: Eagles Meadow is creating the world’s largest Mona Lisa. This attempt will get the community involved, as groups get together to paint the 82 paint-by-numbers segments that will make up the final recreation. When she’s finished, she’ll measure 17.5 meters across and 240 meters square. Not only will the painting surely draw plenty of attention when it goes on display next month, but with so many people taking part in its creation, everyone can feel like they had a part in the record.

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