Queensbay Mall Closes Out Year of the Selfie

102giftIf 2013 was the year of the selfie, it’s a good thing Queensbay Mall managed to sneak in one giant end-of-the-year selfie contest.

The #MYGIANTPRESENT Instagram contest didn’t have huge stakes—25 pairs of movie tickets and 50 scoops of ice cream were on the line—but it got pretty big nonetheless. Staff at Queensbay Mall set up a giant, brightly lit gift in the center—one so big it appeared to slip right through one floor and into the next. Shoppers were encouraged to take selfies with the giant present, post them to Instagram and tag them with #MYGIANTPRESENT and @LifeAtQueens.

Shoppers had a ton of fun with the contest, playing with postprocessing, experimenting with poses and angles, and seeing just how creatively they could sneak the gift into their shots. Queensbay Mall posted a bunch of the best on its Facebook page, so the festive occasion could be shared with more than just its Instragram followers.

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