Preparing for Prom

Forget bright colors and bold prints. If you want to know what’s really hot this prom season, it’s the microsite.

Shopping centers and retailers are lining up to be this year’s dress authority. Sears has a classic (but turn off your speakers), with a prom style quiz (apparently we’re a Boho Beauty), a shopping guide, and tips on trends, looks, and makeup.

We’re partial to the trimmed down style of Yorkdale Shopping Center’s Promology site, though. It lacks some of the bells and whistles of Sears’ site, but gains a lot by talking to teens directly and honestly. Girls can pick their body types out of a lineup, and are rewarded with common-sense advice and a selection of affordable outfits that will suit their figures. The body types on display are honest about flaws without being critical, so a girl can admit to being “a larger size on bottom than on top”, or to having a “dominant middle section” without feeling ashamed. It focuses on common but awkward body types (no perfect hourglass on this list), so that teens that might normally be nervous about shopping for dresses can plan ahead.

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