Photojojo Has Fun With Black Friday

1205jumpRetailers from all corners of the US offered exciting Black Friday deals and promotions last week, but few had quite as much fun as Photojojo did. The online retailer, which sells novel gadgets for camera buffs and iPhonography fans, had its customers get up off their seats to jump into action. Literally.

Across its website, newsletter and social channels, Photojojo instructed customers to visit its mobile site with their smartphones and tablets. Just enough of a push to pique their curiosity. Once there, they learned that they’d unlocked a new way to get big Black Friday discounts: by jumping.

Recognizing that mobile devices have more to offer than touchscreens and portability, Photojojo made use of movement sensors in modern smartphones to register each time visitors jumped with phones in hand. Not only did that action add to a rapidly-climbing jump meter that tracked jumpers around the world—it also opened up discounts. After every third jump, customers were offered a discount on a particular Photojojo goody. They could take the discount, but where’s the fun in that? If they refused it and kept jumping, bigger and better offers would appear until they found things more to their liking.

Photojojo may be an online retailer, but using your mobile site or app to give shoppers a reason to get up and move seems like a natural fit for those already in brick-and-mortar locations.

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