Wish You Were on Pandora?

James Cameron’s legion of wannabe Pandorans have a chance to see what sort of avatar they’d have (or what sort of Na’vi they’d be) this week, as part of the lead up to the DVD release of Avatar.

Shoppers at The Grove in Los Angeles can take part in an interactive exhibit that turns people into their Na’vi selves using advanced facial recognition technology.

The technology was developed by Inwindow Outdoor. Three morphing stations capture the images of curious shoppers, and morph them into blue-skinned Na’vi on the stop. The morphs retain familiar facial characteristics (much like Sigourney Weaver’s avatar resembled her in the blockbuster), but recreate them as part of a foreign species. Pretty cool. And if shoppers like the results, they can submit their email address to recieve a copy of their morphed portrait (and a reminder to pick up the film on Blu Ray).

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