Pacific Fair Hides the Easter Bunny

410bunnyThe Easter Bunny is out and about at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, but he doesn’t seem to be staying in one place for long.

The center is having a little fun with its social fans, putting together a low-cost competition. A fuzzy little decorative rabbit is standing in for the Easter Bunny, and he showed up on the center’s Facebook page. Every day since then, the bunny has popped up somewhere different—and Pacific Fair has shared a shot of its general location on the page.

All shoppers have to do to enter is spot the bunny, like and share the post, and point out the bunny’s location in the comments with the tag #PFIFoundIt. In exchange, the center gives one quick spotter a $50 gift card.

As with most Facebook-based competitions, this one doesn’t quite meet the site’s promotion guidelines (though they’ve been relaxed in recent years). Aside from that, it’s a lot of fun for the center’s fans, and it’s been drawing in dozens of comments a day. The center has been using the opportunity to highlight some of its retailers and other fun things going on this month.

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