Northumberland Mall Hosts Science Spectacular

Last weekend, Northumberland Mall hosted Malls of Science, a free Scientists in School community event. It was part of Science Rendezvous, a national day for the promotion of science.

“Northumberland Mall is excited to be selected to host the Malls of Science event this Saturday,” commented Northumberland Mall marketing manager Alexis Smith prior to the event. “There will be a lot of different interactive displays, exhibits and experiments throughout the day that are sure to pique the interest of shoppers of all ages. It’s always fun to bring events to Northumberland Mall that shoppers wouldn’t normally find at a shopping centre.”

The day was spent igniting a passion for science and technology in kids of all ages. They had opportunities to create chemical concoction, build hovercrafts to learn about air and flight, take a close look at the microscopic world, and more. The hope with the event, and every other event thrown by Scientists in School, is to make science accessible to thousands of people with engaging, informative and interactive events and to encourage a better public understanding of the tremendous impact science and technology has on our lives.

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