Reverse Garbage Keeps Landfills A Little Emptier

June 5th is World Environment Day, a United Nations Environmental Program, and one Australian retailer is ready to celebrate.

Reverse Garbage
is an interesting retail concept. It collects the reusable, cast off items that many would consider to be junk, and turns them into treasures for a select group. For creative types, getting a hold of materials without an industrial-sized budget can be a challenge. So Reverse Garbage collects industry off-cuts and surpluses to resell for reuse to those who just need a bit of this or a touch of that.

The company is using World Environment Day to launch it’s “Plastic Fantastic!?!” exhibition at The Myer Centre. Ten local artists were selected for the show, and they dedicated themselves to working to extend the lifespan of plastic materials that would otherwise go to waste or consume vast amounts of energy in the recycling process. The pieces, which include usable items like jewelery and housewares, will be shown off with live music, short films and refreshments to mark the big day.

Recycling drives are extremely worthwhile activities. But if you can take it a step further and extend the lifetimes of the items you collect, you’re doing the planet an even bigger favor.

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