Midtown Plaza Hosts the C95 Bachelorette

The Bachelorette is a fun show, particularly for those of us who like to get really caught up in other people’s lives. When it’s a local girl at the heart of the action, it’s even better, but how often can that really happen on network television?

Enter the C95 FM Bachelorette, just the thing for a local obsession. The radio station has its bachelorette, Chelsey, and five exceptional Saskatonian men to woo her. Listeners get the scoop on the station’s morning show, and videos capture all the special moments.

Now here’s the fun part: because it’s a local initiative, all the prizes and dates feature local businesses. The grand prize for the winning bachelor and his bachelorette is quite the day out on the town, with limo service, a 6-course meal, and gift certificates to tons of local retailers and Midtown Plaza.

That’s not the only way Midtown Plaza has joined the action. Chelsey’s date with Kevin, the Global TV’s Weather & Traffic guy, spent a good while at the center shopping with a personal stylist, preparing for their big dinner.

Afterwards, personal stylist Jacqueline Conway dished to the center’s blog, sharing her insights about the couple du jour and about dressing for romance.

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