Mic Mac Mall Challenges Spring Breakers on Snapchat

403snapchatSnapchat is well on the way to becoming a great platform for brands. Last month, Mic Mac Mall made great use of the service in a Canada-first series of Snap challenges.

If you’re not familiar with Snapchat, it’s a photo messaging application that allows users to take phones and videos, add text and drawings, and send them out to a controlled list of recipients. The messages are known as Snaps. Users set a time limit for how long their friends can view their snaps, and once that timer is up, the snap is gone forever.

While this limits the viral/social potential of promotions run through Snapchat, there’s something about those transitory messages that appeal to the service’s many users. When the common wisdom says that everything online lasts forever, it can be refreshing to share something for just a little while. And that’s what Mic Mac Mall tapped into over March break with its Snapchat Challenge.

During the competition, the center released two challenges daily to its friends in the app. Participants were encouraged to respond with their own creative takes on the subject matter with snaps of their own. Each challenge was designed to build on Mic Mac Mall’s unique features.

“We wanted to have fun and create a promotion that would interest our younger customers during March Break while helping our retailers gain exposure,” said Rebecca Logan, center marketing director. “ SnapChat provides the perfect setting to play and share experiences through a new medium that resonates with this user group.”

Players received 1 point for every challenge they took part in, and were entered into the grand prize draw for participating. Every day, one participant took home a $50 gift card. At the end of the competition, the center gave away a $500 shopping spree.

In just a week, the center gathered 1256 Snapchat friends, had its challenge snaps viewed 5632 times, and received 1612 Snapchat entries.

“We wanted to build the momentum for Mic Mac’s newest social platform. March break was the perfect timing as the students are out of school and are looking for a way to spend their days,” said Logan. “The end plan is to use SnapChat to keep this cluster of customers engaged and informed about what’s happening at the mall.”

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