Merry Hill Proves Fashion Isn’t Just For the Young

One of the unspoken rules of fashion marketing is that you can never be too young or too thin to model—but you can certainly be too old or too large. That does leave those of us who aren’t underpaid eighteen year old waifs without much that really represents us, though.

Westfield Merry Hill tossed that old chestnut out the window when it held its Ageless Style photo shoot. The center choose eight women from Age UK, an organization that brings together older people from across the UK, aiming to inform, educate, support and enrich their lives.

The women were treated to a fashion makeover from the center and Debenhams and then stepped out in front of the cameras. They showcased of-the-moment styles like colourful jackets and dresses, bright, bold jewellery and handbags, and pretty prints. They were pampered by Clarins beauty specialists at Debenhams and expert styling tips from the store’s personal stylist.

The ladies were thrilled to participate. Carol Duke, 78, gave her feedback to the center. “I already enjoy following fashion and this makeover was a great way for me to explore more of the spring trends,” she said. “I had a great time being made over and am so glad I was invited to participate!”

This event wasn’t an attempt to pander to older people or to provide a little fashion charity—it sought to recognize and reaffirm that being trendy isn’t just something for young people. Having fashions that reach out to a wide variety of people, across ages, genders and size, means a much bigger audience invested in a center’s fashion retailers. Sounds like a pretty good deal for everyone.

Pictured above: Carol Duke and Dot Hewins from Dudley show off their stylish spring looks.

  • Zli888

    Although most malls will not accept it, the fact is that 38% of the world population are baby-boomers.  If malls would stop branding themselves as “fashion malls” putting 100% of their efforts targeting 18 – 35 age group, I’m sure their bottom line will improve in this tough economy. Baby boomers HAVE EXPENDABLE INCOME, more so than the “sexy” 18 – 35 demographic !

  • Zli888

    Congrats to Westfield Merry Hill Mall for recognizing this demographic and not being afraid to be a little different and go against the tide of other malls who only brand themselves as the go-to mall for the 18-35 age group even though they’re not.

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