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1217iphoneAs many shopping centers scramble to get their own iPhone apps out the door, one app is striving to be the ultimate mall guide.

Point Inside (iTunes link) is a free application currently targeted at North American iPhone users. For a shopper whose mall lacks its own app, or for shoppers who aren’t loyal to one particular mall, the app is a godsend. It uses GPS to pinpoint a shoppers location, then pops up all the malls nearby (or rather, all the nearby malls that are listed in the app – we’ll get to that in a moment). Shoppers can then pick their malls of choice, and be treated to a map of the mall that can pinpoint nearby ATMs, restaurants, food courts, elevators and escalators. Pick a store, and the app offers a handy “call” button, and shows you where it is, what its hours are, and any promotions that are listed. Malls can also include information on events and promotions.

It’s been featured on a few big tech blogs already, so this app is likely to take off. Which means you’ll probably want your mall in its directory. A number of US malls are already in there, but very few Canadian malls are represented yet. You can visit Point Inside’s site, and check out their FAQ for more information on getting your mall added to their queue for mapping.

  • Liz

    Thanks for this great article! I work for Point Inside and we’re busy working on adding more malls to the app every week. If your mall isn’t yet listed in Point Inside, just fill out our online form to submit a request:;page=ContactUs;view=Home

  • Brian

    Alternatively, if you’d like to reach us directly to discuss options for getting your mall in our directory, please contact Jon Croy, VP Business Development at Point Inside, at We’d love to include you!

    Brian Wilson
    VP, Marketing, Point Inside

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