From a Haul at the Mall to YouTube fame

Looking for proof that young people are, once again, shopping? Look no further than YouTube, where the haul video reigns supreme.

Haul videos are worth taking a look at, if you haven’t heard much about them in the year or so they’ve been growing. Young people, mostly young women, take a trip to the mall. They make a few purchases, and then they come home and show off each item in detail to their fans on YouTube. And they might have a lot of fans. Haul videos can hit hundreds of thousands of views, and some of the top individuals have millions of views on their YouTube channels. All to promote their favorite retailers and brands, and usually for free.

Of course, some retailers have caught on and are developing relationships with people who post the most successful haul videos. This seems like a great place to look for the superfans that are already invested in your mall, and turn them into brand ambassadors. There’s also contest potential – get your fans hooked on making haul videos with the promise of great prizes, perhaps?

The Montreal Gazette has a great piece about haul videos this week that you should take a look at if you want to know more about this extremely retail-positive audience that’s growing by the day.

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