Is your mall in the App Store?

0827phone.gifIt seems like iPhones are just about everywhere these days. And they’re almost certainly in your mall. So are you taking advantage of that?

Santana Row is. The Californian shopping center just launched its iPhone application (or “app”). The app gives shoppers access to vital information about every store and eatery on-site. Looking for a particular shop? You can find it on the phone’s Google Maps integration, one-touch dial it from within the app, and locate it on a map of the center. Ditto for dining. You can also see all upcoming events with details, look through restaurants that are listed by name and cost, and learn all about the center. Also included is a mini-game that lets shoppers spin slots to win rewards – time-limited discounts at retailers, mostly.

This sort of technology could be a great convenience for shoppers, but it’s more important than ever to keep it up to date. If you want to learn more about iPhone apps for malls, check out the upcoming Technology Issue of Tactics Magazine.

You can also click here to download Santana Row’s app, if you’ve got an iPhone yourself.

  • Kevin Foreman

    Rather than attempting to build and advertise your own shopping center app, I encourage you to join Point Inside and other developers and retailers as we look to drive increased foot traffic via the free Point Inside app.

    Point Inside already includes over 400 shopping centers and has a back end web portal for developers to populate the events calendar, promotions as well as keep the directory up to date.

    For more info contact Jon Croy, VP Business Development at Jon(at)Pointinside(dot)com.


  • EVZ

    The Santana Row app is great – they are a finalist in the U.S. MAXI awards for it!

    There is definitely more to an iPhone application/mobile phone experience than simply the informational aspects.

    While Point Inside can offer you a variety of locations, the experience is eroded by a barrage of advertisements not necessarily related or relevant to the experience. Point inside is rarely up to date for Canadian malls in particular.

    For a truly unique iPhone app that links your marketing campaigns, PR pursuits, contests, events, promotions, etc. you should have one custom developed for your individual center. This provides a richer experience for the customer and more opportunity to stand out from other centers in your area.

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