Macquarie Centre Calls the Jackpot

Bingo might not seem like the most exciting game, but when there’s $10,000 on the line, the tension has a way of rising.

AMP Capital shopping centers are running all sorts of Bingo-related contests in February, all in the name of bringing some excitement to their shoppers’ days. Shoppers at Macquarie Centre have a new reason to linger on their shopping, for example. Once per day, an announcement will be broadcast over the center PA system with a randomly chosen number.

When shoppers hear the announcement, their first reaction should be to dig through the day’s receipts. If they have one matching the dollar amount that was announced, their next step is to rush to customer service: the first shopper to arrive with a matching receipt wins the value of their purchase.

Not all receipts can win, but that doesn’t mean they’re losers. Shoppers can take them home and enter them online for a chance to win a $10,000 draw.

On top of all this, some AMP centers are holding real games of Bingo as well. Maybe that can bring a little excitement back to a game that’s lost its groove.

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