Les Promenades Looks to Locals

1126promenades.gifLes Promenades is a mall that knows its place is at the heart of its community. The Canadian shopping center has emphasized that important fact by reaching out to its local community to model its winter fashions.

The shopping center sought out a number of local personalities for a photography shoot that was used in a web feature: Who dresses at Les Promenades. Local TV and radio personalities, an orchestra member, an Olympic athlete, a jazz singer, a 15-month-old child, and a number of others all dressed up in clothes from mall retailers for a photo shoot.

The resulting photos are engaging, and they help build connections within the community. And the web feature is pleasantly interactive. Click on any item of clothing in the feature, and you can see which retailer sells it. So if you’d like to know where your favorite local journalist got that fantastic coat, you can click to find out.

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