Intu Lakeside’s Giant Crane Adventure

425cabIn addition to picking up a new name, Intu Lakeside has been making a few other changes. For instance, the center has been involved in a project to replace its air handling units.

Where we might see an everyday occurrence, Intu Lakeside’s marketing team saw an opportunity. The project required one of Europe’s largest cranes, with a 138 meter boom and the ability to lift up to 600 tons. It was brought to Lakeside by 20 separate trucks and required two smaller cranes to put it together. And who appreciates monster machinery like that as much as children?

So Lakeside gave a bundle of excited youngsters the chance to learn all about the project: the logistics of transporting the machinery, the assembly, and all that fun stuff. Then they were kitted out in safety gear and sent up to explore the raised cab and sit at the controls of the beast.

Afterward, the center gave out certificates to commemorate the experience and goody bags to take home.

Jack Atkins, age 11 from Dartford, said: “The crane is massive; it’s brilliant. I can’t wait to show everyone at school my certificate and tell them about what I got to do over the Easter holidays.”

Added Izzie Peskett, intu Lakeside’s Marketing Manager, “While we had such an impressive piece of machinery on site we wanted to treat some enthusiastic young shoppers to an experience they’d never forget. This was certainly a ‘big’ experience and we hope they’ll take away some great memories.”

Pictured (L-R): Luis Lee (age 7) and Braydon Brett (age 2) ‘driving’ the crane

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