Halloween Helps at Freemont Hub Shopping Center

Halloween: for such a creepy night, it brings a lot of happiness. Happy little faces beaming over bags full of candy, proud parents sending their kids door to door, and money going to good causes. These things go together so well it’s spooky.

Freemont Hub Shopping Center has been spending Halloween making people happy for 43 years now. The Candle Lighters have been holding an annual Ghost House at the Chadbourne Carriage House at the shopping center. This year, the Ghost House pays tribute to its hosts with the Haunted Shopping Mall.

While visitors shop till they drop in the spooky hallways, things might get a little intense—that’s why the Good Fairy guide is available to banish the creepiest and crawliest in the haunted house. The Candle Lighters also bring in high school volunteers to work at the house, who can in turn use the experience for community service hours for school.

But the happiest thing is that great local causes will be served. The organization takes the money it gets from tickets from the tour and gives finds causes that really need it.

On top of the great times in the haunted house, families will enjoy photo booths, games, treats and more.

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