GGP Finds its Holiday Expert

Earlier this year, we told you about General Growth Properties’ search for their Merrier Shopping Expert. They’ve found her, and so far she’s doing a fantastic job.

June Delay is an average GGP shopper. She’s a mother of three, a freelance graphic designer, and a talented writer. She won over the contest judges with her writing samples and artwork, and took home both the prize pack and the job. She’s been writing for the company’s blog since the beginning of November, and already she’s won over shoppers with practical advice, fun posts and lots of good will.

The blog is worth a look – it’s filled with advice that shoppers can really use, and keeps the advertising to a minimum (while still working in occasional plugs for things like GGP’s loyalty program, new iPhone app and digital contests). Corporate blogs often have problems holding the attention of the public, but June keeps people coming back with recipes, holiday craft instructions, and budget-conscious planning tools. And she’s very clear about her connection to GGP and what it entails, so shoppers know they can trust her. Check the blog out here.

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