Getting Green and Fit with The Harlequin

For many of us, health and fitness means setting aside an hour every day or two to strive toward a fitness goal – ride a stationary bike so many miles, run around so many blocks, lift so much weight. It’s worthy activity, but it’s fitness for the sake of fitness. To feel even better about getting fit, take the work out of keeping in shape and make it part of something a bit bigger.

The Harlequin is helping Watford residents keep fit while improving their community. Working with the Watford Borough Council and BCTV, the shopping center helped launch the BCTV Green Gym this week. The Gym isn’t a place, it’s an organized group of volunteers who are dedicated to getting fit while improving green spaces around the community. The volunteers put in their time on projects that include things like wild flower planting; woodland management; hedge planting; traditional wildflower meadow management; riverside path creation and construction of homes for wildlife. In return, they’ll find their mental and physical fitness improves as they build a legacy for themselves, their families and their community.

The Harlequin has put funding toward the initiative, which will run through January of 2011. It’s also a launching point for the Green Gym, and will offer information and signup locations for interested residents.

(Image: Community Guerrilla Gardening in Pilsen, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from m500’s photostream)

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