Fridays Get Frightful at The Rocks

At Sydney’s The Rocks, Friday nights are about to get weird. The shopping district, delightfully historical with its meandering alleyways and cobblestone streets, is dedicating the next month and a half of Fridays to The Village Bizarre.

Shoppers that visit on Friday nights will find the usual assortment of shopping and dining opportunities, but the gaps in between will be filled with the fantastic, the frightful and the fun.

The Rocks hasn’t given away this year’s surprises, but last year the Village Bizarre was chock-full of oddities. There was the Cabinet of Curiosities, from which poured circus and cabaret artists, contortionists, burlesque artists and other anachronistic types. A trip out into the laneways may have been met with other shoppers learning Zumba or dirty dancing steps. There was even a pedal-powered cinema.

Retailers also got in on the act, with classic shoe-shines, creative hair styling and a special, bunny-eared bar.

That last image is the one that encompasses this year’s Village. The vision of a mask-clad revelers travelling through the streets with blank bunny eyes is a haunting, compelling one, and you can see how The Rocks is using it right here:

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