Are Your Fans Good Fans?

You’ve carefully cultivated your Facebook fans (or “likers,” these days) and Twitter followers. They follow your every word, share your promotions with their friends in turn, and like your status updates (or retweet your tweets). Now how do you take that to the next level?

WebWorkerDaily has a fantastic article about recognizing and rewarding your social media superfans, and it deserves your attention. Here’s a snippet, but make sure to make your way to the site and give the whole article a read.

“In trying to encapsulate the power of the “good fan on Facebook,” I began talking with my clients about the concept of Superfan. This term is familiar in sports. The Superfan is the person who paints their body or displays fandom in some other outrageous way at sporting events.

The Social Media Superfan is the individual who is fully engaged with your brand via your social networks, most often on one network in particular, but in some cases across many of them .

Make sure to check out the article’s list of the top qualities of good fans.

(Image: Spot on…, a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from 15852546@N06’s photostream)

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