Exchange Tower Lets Shoppers Pick Their Own Prizes

Having trouble customizing a prize that will appeal to all of your shoppers? Take a look at the Exchange Tower’s Fill It To Win It promotion for inspiration.

The center wanted to build its brand and bring all its tenants into the promotion. So through the month of March, it held this online promotion that gave shoppers the chance to build their own prize. The site for the promotion gave shoppers a virtual tote bag that needed filling. The totes could hold $1000 of virtual goods, as represented by $100 shopping tags.

It wasn’t a matter of just dragging virtual tags to a virtual tote, however. The center listed each category of retailer it has to offer. Shoppers could look through the categories, find the retailers they love, and put that category’s tag into the tote. Whether they wanted ten electronics tags, or five fashion tags and five housewares tags (Fashonista Faves was apparently the most popular category), they could mix and match to their heart’s content. The winner was chosen at random, and won the prize package they’d customized in store gift cards.

With 2,375 entries in total and nearly 30% requesting more contact from the center, the contest was a big success. And Exchange Tower gained a lot of valuable marketing info about shoppers’ demographics and favorite categories.

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