Erina Fair Supports Sustainable Music for Schools

227junkyardMusic programs are often the first to get cut from school curriculums, leaving thousands of Australian children without the benefits of a music education. Erina Fair and Lend Lease are looking to bring more music to children and raise awareness of this education gap with the Junkyard Orchestra School Challenge.

The center is working with the Central Coast Symphony Orchestra and Central Coast Conservatorium of Music to bring this fun, engaging sustainability initiative to the children of Central Coast schools. Primary schools in the region have been invited to create musical instruments from recycled materials. Once they’ve put together their junkyard orchestra, they compose two- to three-minute pieces of music with them and perform them at the center.

To help the schools make this happen, the center turned to the Symphony Orchestra to develop a Music Resource Kit that gives teachers the information they need to put together a functional collection of improvised instruments and to create simple harmonies and composition. Teachers from the Conservatorium are providing teachers with one-on-one instruction.

It’s a big step in bringing music to kids whose schools might not otherwise offer it, and a $40,000 donation will help those schools continue with music programs. There will be more to come, too: the Central Coast Symphony Orchestra will compose a 5-minute piece with the students’ instruments, and proceeds from iTunes sales will go to expanding the program.

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