Erina Fair Helps Moms Be Better Moms

Mother’s Day events are often all about pampering. Mani-pedis, treats and other little luxuries are the order of the day.

But the day before Mother’s Day is free and clear, and this year Erina Fair is using it to host an event that is all about moms being better moms. ForMum is the center’s first community forum for local moms, and it looks like it’ll be an event that mothers will find enlightening, educational and encouraging.

The day is split into three sections: Babies, Toddlers & Preschoolers, School Children. During those sections, local experts will hold sessions to teach women some tricks of motherhood. The center is also prepared to arrange child minding for the day.

Moms with new babies (or with one on the way) can learn more about how to take care of a new family member. They’ll also learn how to take good care of themselves post-natally. Fashion for new moms and travel with a baby are also going to be covered.

For those with toddlers, discussions focus on quick meals, de-stressing, handling toddlers, and reading and routines for the little ones. And for older children, Mom can learn techniques to better understand their teenaged children, how to handle bullying and cyber-bullying, and how to take care of themselves while taking care of a growing family.

Hopefully ForMum will see moms feeling centered and ready to enjoy those burnt-toast breakfasts in bed the next morning.

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