Desigual Holds an Undie Party in the Streets

How’s this for a promotional stunt? Get 300 eager people lined up outside a store at 9 A.M. – and every one of those people is in their undies.

That’s what Desigual, a Barcelona-based clothing retailer, pulled off at its New York location last week. The retailer offered quite the promotion: the first hundred people in line in their skivvies would get a free outfit, top and bottom. Go in nearly nude, come out clothed.

According to Desigual’s blog, the event was a huge success. The first few shoppers lined up at 1am, already in their underwear. Over 100 were in line already by 7 A.M., and everyone that lined up afterward received a 50% off voucher.

Those 300 people certainly raised public awareness of the retailer, so much so that the company is planning another Undie Party at another location next week. In the rain. This time, it reminds shoppers that they can keep their clothes on until 9 A.M.

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