The circus comes to Oeiras Parque

1211circus.gifChildren in Portugal will be learning all about the circus at Oeiras Parque this month. “Um dio no Circo” promotes the circus by involving children in its history and its activities.

Kids can learn all about the history of the circus, from ancient China through the creation of the modern circus in London, to the amalgamations of dance, clowns, and acrobatics that feature most commonly today. But they don’t just get to learn – they get to participate. Workshops include dressing up as clowns and learning magic tricks.  And children can also participate in performances, volunteering for magicians and enjoying the comedic antic of clowns.

Circuses are a fun part of childhood, and in recent years they have become more of an adult activity, with acts like Cirque de Soleil enjoying the spotlight. So it’s good to see them coming back to the kids.

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