Christmas is Heroic at Robina Town Centre

Robina Town Centre is trying out a heroic new take on the Santa Claus story, one with a new ride, a cape and, err, tights. This Saturday, Santa will get a little help from his friends in the Justice League.

Santa’s grand entrance this year will be on the back of a super-charged Batmobile, accompanied by heroes like Batman and Wonder Woman. He’ll make his way to the Enchanted Forest accompanied by Mrs. Claus, members of the Looney Tunes family and several members of DC Comics top team.

That won’t be the last of Batman and Wonder Woman’s duties, though – during the live Justice League Show, they’ll fight off The Joker and Star Sapphire to save the center and Christmas for all.

Add to that a performance from Tap Dogs, face painting and the start of photographs with Santa, and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at Robina Town Centre.

This year also marks the start of a new Christmas attraction at the center—the aforementioned Enchanted Forest. It’s sure to be a magical sight, with over 84 meters of wonderland, filled with cobblestone paths, magical birch trees and thousands upon thousands of fairy lights.

Woodland friends and darling forest-themed furniture can be found by curious children, and storyboards share the story of Christmas. Magic mirrors, wishing ponds (for charity) and more will make the experience all the more wondrous for little ones.

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