Charity Grows at Chatswood Chase

Everyone’s waiting with bated breath to see how holiday sales pan out this year, and while Black Friday went well, there’s still a month left to worry about. There’s one thing that’s easy to call even without the numbers, though: gift cards are going to sell like crazy. Are you doing anything special to drive that this year?

Chatswood Chase hopes to make a big difference with its gift card sales, one that will reach locals across the spectrum. For every gift card the center sells, one of five charities will benefit: the RSPCA, Breast Cancer’s Pink Ribbon Foundation, Lifeline, Camp Quality and Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Shoppers get to choose where the percentage will end up, and they’re given ribbons to match. Those ribbons are meant for the Chatswood Chase Charity Tree, which will serve as a tangible reminder of all the good that shoppers are doing. And if colors are poorly represented, surely some shoppers will step up for the underdogs.

Picking a team is one thing, but this year shoppers will have a chance to keep cheering them on—even at home. Each week, a virtual tree on the center’s website will be updated with all the ribbons of its physical counterpart, so shoppers can see just how well the tree (and its good work) is flourishing.

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