Century City Gathers Gamers

Westfield Century City has just wrapped up a very cool series of weeknight events. Every Tuesday night over the summer the center opened the doors of its dining area to gamers of all sorts for Game Nights on the Terrace.

Every week featured games of all types, but this wasn’t your mother’s Monopoly. The world of board games has grown over the last few decades. Settlers of Catan, Dominion, Kill Doctor Lucky—any of these sound familiar? They all featured heavily in Game Nights. If you’re considering running something like this in your center, talking to an expert can help. Another helpful idea? Do as Century City did and encourage attendees to bring their own games. There are plenty of people out there fully equipped for this sort of gathering—all they need is a place to play and people to play with.

Century City didn’t limit itself to board games either: anything that played well in public was a possibility. That means games like Johann Sebastian Joust that can only be played in large, open gatherings had a chance to shine. Joust is played with motion controllers by any number of players, and has them try to keep their controller steady while making other players move. It’s a don’t-try-this-at-home sort of game, but it’s perfect for a Game Night.

For the closing event this week, the center brought out all its classics. It also brought out big prizes to send participants home happy. Among them were gift cards to restaurants at the Dining Terrace and to relevant retailers, theater tickets and a Playstation 3.

  • http://www.wiseguysevents.tumblr.com Myles Nye

    Thanks for this terrific write-up. We were pleased and proud to work with Westfield Century City delivering this 10 week series. To learn more about the games we played, you can visit us on Facebook.com/WiseGuysEvents.

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