Celebrity Prank Hits the Mall, YouTube

Apparently there’s a simple trick to becoming famous: just act like you already are.

chill hill media played a prank on the nice folks at Virginia’s MacArthur Center. One member of the group, Thomas Cramer, decided to play celebrity for the day. He and his group created a little scene when a few planted mall-goers recognized the famous (and non-existant) Thomas Elliot, asking for autographs and otherwise fawning.

This kicked off quite the afternoon as shoppers got caught up in a fame frenzy. Cramer signed dozens of autographs, took photos with fans, picked up a few phone numbers and took advantage of all the perks of being famous while shopping – security guards, private shopping, the whole nine yards.

As a video, it’s pretty funny. As a social experiment, it’s telling. And as an ad, it’s probably filling up the inboxes at chill hill as we speak. But as the thing pranksters who want to be Internet famous will be emulating for months to come, it’s already feeling kind of tiresome. It’s probably time to make sure that your center’s security staff is armed with IMDB and Wikipedia, or we’re going to be feeling the repercussions of this one for quite some time.

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