Castle Towers Gets an Eyeful

Shoppers at Castle Towers had an unexpected serenade early this month. Thanks to a bet by radio hosts from Nova 969, a Naked Cowboy look-a-like belted out “Achy Breaky Heart.”

So, yeah. Normally a rather ear-shattering performance on stage wouldn’t be a good thing, but this time it really got people moving. Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli, a Nova 969 personality, launched a bet that he could gather 1000 new friends in February. Up against him was Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald, who agreed to dress up as the Naked Cowboy and sing the Billy Ray Cyrus classic in front of a live crowd if he lost.

The hunt for 1000 friends was a fun one to watch. Wippa went all over town looking for new people to hang out with, and each one that agreed posed with him and a number (and here we thought being someone’s 567th Facebook friend was tenuous enough) to mark their new relationship. In the end, of course, Wippa made it, squeaking the last few friends at the shopping centre right at the end of the month. And Fitzy had to follow through.

We’re not going to embed the video on our site, but you can go right here to watch it. You will be subject to a man in a cowboy hat and speedo singing a rather awful song, so be warned. But you’ll also get to see the Castle Towers crowd really enjoying the mildly risque show, kids and adults alike. Like most radio show stunts, it’s all good, clean(ish) fun.

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