Broadway on the Mall Has Gift Guides in the Bag

Broadway on the Mall has all its bases covered when it comes to this year’s gift guide. Despite being about as far as it’s possible to get from the center’s Brisbane home, it almost has us ready to pop in and shop.

What has it done that’s so good? Nothing all that extraordinary, but small touches add up. For one thing, it’s extremely trendy, showcasing some of the very best items for both men and women. For another, the layout and product photography are top notch. White space galore, consistent backdrops and an air of casual disarray make for a very attractive combination.

The information is sortable, and focuses on giving you exactly what you need: price and location. And best of all, this gift guide doubles as a wish list for those who are spotty on the “better to give than to receive” concept.

If shoppers add five items to their wish lists, they can share them with their friends via pretty much any social platform they use. Should they happen to do so, they’ll be entered to win every item they picked. That would be a happy surprise to find under the Christmas tree.

All it’s missing is mobile integration and a decent shopping list, and they’d probably have us on the next flight out.

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