Brentwood’s Believe It or Shop

718brentwoodBrentwood Town Centre spent last week pulling in entries for a simple enter-to-win competition with an equally straightforward prize: a $50 gift card. Rather than simply firing and forgetting, though, the center got creative on its fans’ Facebook feeds.

Believe It or Shop was the name of the game: a bit of shopping-related trivia to go along with each call to action. Not just shopping trivia, but celebrity shopping trivia. Really, who among us can claim to never indulge in a little celebrity gossip—whether we’re hitting the blogs or taking a peek at the tabloids in the checkout line?

Believe It or Shop highlighted bits of trivia like these:

  • “Britney Spears says shopping helps her get rid of depression, ‘I can be in the dump of dumpsters and go buy a pair of new shoes, and then it’s okay. Even if it’s just for the time being, for that moment it’s what I need.'”
  • Celebrity Shopaholic Katie Holmes doesn’t spend that much on herself. She buys clothing, shoes and accessories for her little daughter Suri. The wardrobe of this girl is already estimated $3 million but her mother isn’t going to stop.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker claims she tries to be careful with her money, however, she does have a weak point – shoes. The star dates her shoe obsession to her childhood when her mother couldn’t afford buying Sarah more than two pairs of shoes a year. Now she has about 100 pairs of shoes that range in price from $300 to $1,000.
  • It’s just a little flavor for an otherwise simple promotion, but it was sure to catch a lot more attention from their feed-scanning fans.

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