Breakfast in a Bubble at Pacific Fair

It’s a little bit like Survivor: Ten people trapped in hazardous conditions, forced to endure each others’ company while facing adversity. They struggle to stay in the game as those around them get voted out, and the winner gets a great big prize.

But this isn’t Nicaragua. It’s Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. The shopping center has teamed up with Sea FM to hold Breakfast in a Bubble, an intense competition where the last man standing takes the prize: a $5000 shopping center gift card. For seven days (starting this past Monday) three of Sea FM’s radio personalities are living in a bubble in the shopping center, and they have seven listeners with them.

The ‘bubble’ is actually a large clear plastic tent set up at center court, and it’s where Paul, Moyra and Baggs from Sea FM will be living all week. It’s fully equipped with beds (though contestants need to share), a dining area, and a broadcasting area. The contestants ensconced with the radio crew are spending their time competing in challenges – one of the first day’s challenges was to paint portraits of one another – and working hard to ensure outsiders don’t decide to vote them out. Shoppers and Sea FM listeners can text their votes to keep their favorites in the game.

Pacific Fair is keeping the game fun for insiders and outsiders alike, promising an endless supply of action with crazy gladiator challenges, celebrity drop-ins, live band performances and more to come.

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