Botany Town Centre’s Kindness Experiment

A few weeks ago, we talked about Snapped!, a promotion at Pacific Fair Shopping Centre. New Zealand’s Botany Town Centre is also running the promotion, and came up with a fun way to promote it.

The center wanted to see how shoppers would react to random acts of kindness like the ones that promotion would offer. So it armed Justin Brown, author of Myth New Zealand, with a pile of center gift cards and a camera man. They hit the stores for a sneak peek of what was to come with Snapped! and filmed the whole thing.

As a social experiment, the video is a fun watch. Most shoppers seemed a bit unsure of their good fortune and were quite stoic as a result. But flattery will get you everywhere: shoppers who were buttered up with a bit of praise seemed much more excited, probably because they felt they’d earned their sudden windfall. Those shoppers are probably a lot more likely to remember their great experience at Botany Town Centre.

Take a look for yourself:

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