Botany and Bayfair Centers are Looking For Bloggers

New Zealand shopping centers are stepping into the video-blogging trend, but they need a few experts to help them. Botany Town Centre and Bayfair Shopping Centre are working with New Zealand Woman’s Weekly to find those experts and get them blogging.

Both centers are looking for dedicated video bloggers. The chosen ones will be paid to shop: $300 in center gift cards each month for their five-month tour of duty.

Why now? Simple. YouTube has just recently extended its partnership program to New Zealand, meaning locals now have motivation to build audiences for online video series. That means retail video bloggers are cropping up, and it’s time for the shopping center to take advantage.

The centers are both looking for entries, quick videos of shopping experiences, hauls, trends and styles. Singles and duos, a la Trinny and Susannah, are welcome. Winners will be chosen both by the public and social media interest in their entries and a panel of judges.

“Fashion and beauty video bloggers are huge overseas, but when you try to think of one based in New Zealand, few names spring to mind,” said Botany Town Centre senior marketing manager Desiree Clark. The Shopping Video Blogger 2012 competition aims to give New Zealanders the confidence, and just as importantly the media opportunity and funding, to broadcast their fashion and retail therapy tips to the world. The wonderful thing about social media is that it has no borders.”

New Zealand Woman’s Weekly lifestyle editor Louise Richardson says the Weekly is delighted to be involved in boosting two bloggers to national stardom.

“The New Zealand Woman’s Weekly is proud to be a publication for women of all ages who are interested in fashion and the sharing of stories – both being facets of Shopping Video Blogger 2012. The Weekly loves that the competition is open to people from all walks of life, and that the reach of our magazine can help these fashion bloggers gain the exposure they need to succeed.”

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