Bayfair Shares Energy Savings

Bayfair Shopping Centre has made some outstanding improvements with its green initiatives. After surveying shoppers about their environmental concerns, the center found that 42% of New Zealanders view climate change as something that needs to be addressed immediately. Large businesses in particular are called to task to address their costs to the environment.

Bayfair has stepped up to the plate, reimagining its public restrooms for a sustainable future. This means pre-plumbing for grey water harvesting tanks. It also means solar panels that provide heat for the water, and LED lighting. Te center has tweaked nearly every part of the washrooms, with new air conditioning systems, water-saving tap sensors, recycling bins and more efficient hand dryers.

But the really cool part of Bayfair’s plan is the accountability it’s built into the whole system. Display screens show the water and power savings in real time, hopefully inspiring shoppers to take their own sustainable measures at home.

We can also see the results. The center has its monitoring shared online, showing every part of the heating system and its savings. So far, those include enough energy to make 52,000 pieces of toast, or drive a car 936 kilometers. And that’s in just a few weeks.

Bayfair’s Centre Manager Steve Ellingford is proud of what his center has achieved.

“Bayfair is excited to roll out these contemporary upgrades, which are market-leading initiatives and one of a kind for a shopping centre,” he said. “The new facilities reflect not just the community’s conservation focus, but also their love of the coast itself, which these new facilities are surrounded by and geared towards protecting.”

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